Cineraria: planting, care, growing from seeds

Cineraria flowerCineraria (lat. Cineraria) is the genus in the family Asteraceae, or Compositae. Among the species of cineraria used in the ornamental horticulture there are both representatives of this genus, and the species that belong to the genus Senecio, tribes Senecioneae, the same family Asteraceae. Cineraria genus and Senecio genus are very close. There are about fifty representatives of the genus Cineraria that can be found in the wild, and according to different data there are from one to three thousand species of senecios. In this article we will tell you about the most popular species of both cinerarias and senecios used in the ornamental horticulture. So, the flowers of cineraria are...

Aster: growing from seeds, planting, care, varieties

Aster flowersAster (лат. Aster) is a genus of annual and perennial herbaceous plants in the family Asteraceae, or family Compositae, including from 200 to 500 species according to various sources, most of which grow in North and Central America. In Europe, the aster flower was secretly brought from China by a French monk in the 17th century. The flower’s name comes from the Latin word “aster” meaning “star”. There is a Chinese legend about two monks that tried to reach the stars climbing the highest mountain of Altai for many days, but when they reached the summit, the stars above them were still far away and inaccessible.

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