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Raspberry: planting and care, growing and diseases

Raspberry bushes in the gardenRaspberry plant or red raspberry (lat. Rubus idaeus) is a shrub in the genus Rubus of the rose family. The genus is represented by approximately six hundred species. Many of them were already known in the ancient world: the first mentioning about raspberry fruit can be found in the writings of the third century BC. Raspberry cultivation began in Western Europe in the sixteenth century AD. In the wild raspberry typically grows in forests, along rivers and it became one of the most popular and beloved garden berries many centuries ago. Today, perhaps, there is no garden without raspberry – tasty and flavorful berry that is a supply of necessary acids, minerals and vitamins. In addition to all its undeniable benefits, raspberry growing in the garden is unpretentious as it can grow and bear fruits even in desolation, but a proper care will help you increase the raspberry yield and protect it from pests and diseases.

Blueberry planting, care and growing

Садовая голубикаBlueberry plant vulgaris (Latin Vaccinium uliginosum), or bog blueberry, bog bilberry, or swamp blueberry, belongs to the genus Vaccinium of family Ericaceae. This deciduous shrub can be found in temperate and cold regions around the Northern Hemisphere – Eurasian species range begins from Iceland and comes to the Mediterranean and Mongolia, in North America it stretches from Alaska to California. Blueberry is also called drunk berry or blue grape. All names with negative meaning are given by mistake: people complainted that they had a headache after eating blueberry as if they had a hangover. But the true reason of headache is marsh tea that usually grows nearby. In fact blueberry is a valuable natural product that is increasingly attracting the attention of gardeners. In addition to bog blueberries, growing throughout the cool and temperate climate regions, there is also such species as northern highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum). It is an American relative of the bog blueberry and it has become a full-fledged garden culture in its homeland. In Canada and the USA this tasty and useful berry is much more popular than blackcurrant.

Strawberry – planting and care, growing from seeds

StrawberryStrawberry (lat. Fragaria) is a genus of herbaceous perennials of the rose family, Rosaceae, which includes both wild species – fragaria orientalis, fragaria campestris, fragaria viridis – and cultivated species that are not found in the wild – garden strawberry or pine strawberry. There are also species that grow in nature and in garden – woodland strawberry and musk strawberry. The name of the plant comes from a word “straw” as its tiny yellow seeds scattered over the surface of the berry look like a straw. The plant was first described in 1553 by Jerome Bock, superintendent of the botanical garden in Zweibrücken. It is believed that strawberries appeared in the Tertiary period in East Asia, and then spread across America and Eurasia. We will tell you about such a genus representative as garden strawberry (fragaria ananassa). This species of strawberry is the result of crossing the Chilean strawberries and Virginia strawberry (scarlet strawberry). Today there are more than 10 thousand varieties of this species.