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Elena Namyatova

Mildew and wasps on grapes: what to do?

Protection of grapes from wasps and mildewInterested in preserving your grape harvest and getting rid of pests? An experienced grape grower shared his secrets. He recommends using preparations such as Ridomil Gold, Horus and Revus to fight mildew. To destroy wasps on grapes, it is recommended to use Actara or boric acid. Follow the advice of an expert to save your harvest and protect your plants from pests.

Elena Namyatova

How to Root Grape Cuttings in Water – Do You Need a Growth Stimulant?

Rooting grape cuttings in waterAll last season I was walking around my village, looking at the neighboring grapeyards and searching for a suitable variety for me. I want to shade my balcony with grapes, and if this bush has tasty berries, I can consider it as an additional bonus.

Elena Namyatova

Raspberry: planting and care, growing and diseases

Raspberry bushes in the gardenRaspberry plant or red raspberry (lat. Rubus idaeus) is a shrub in the genus Rubus of the rose family. The genus is represented by approximately six hundred species. Many of them were already known in the ancient world: the first mentioning about raspberry fruit can be found in the writings of the third century BC. Raspberry cultivation began in Western Europe in the sixteenth century AD. In the wild raspberry typically grows in forests, along rivers and it became one of the most popular and beloved garden berries many centuries ago.

Elena Namyatova

Blueberry planting, care and growing

Садовая голубикаBlueberry plant vulgaris (Latin Vaccinium uliginosum), or bog blueberry, bog bilberry, or swamp blueberry, belongs to the genus Vaccinium of family Ericaceae. This deciduous shrub can be found in temperate and cold regions around the Northern Hemisphere – Eurasian species range begins from Iceland and comes to the Mediterranean and Mongolia, in North America it stretches from Alaska to California. Blueberry is also called drunk berry or blue grape. All names with negative meaning are given by mistake: people complainted that they had a headache after eating blueberry as if they had a hangover.

Elena Namyatova

Strawberry – planting and care, growing from seeds

StrawberryStrawberry (lat. Fragaria) is a genus of herbaceous perennials of the rose family, Rosaceae, which includes both wild species – fragaria orientalis, fragaria campestris, fragaria viridis – and cultivated species that are not found in the wild – garden strawberry or pine strawberry. There are also species that grow in nature and in garden – woodland strawberry and musk strawberry. The name of the plant comes from a word “straw” as its tiny yellow seeds scattered over the surface of the berry look like a straw. The plant was first described in 1553 by Jerome Bock, superintendent of the botanical garden in Zweibrücken.

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